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RCG Counseling

RCG Counseling is committed to providing a positive therapy experience.  We are able to provide a unique experience for each person we serve.  Because we are not dictated by insurance company regulations, we are able to provide therapy that is tailored for each individual person.  We do not see our clients as a diagnosis, but as unique individuals we can help on their journey to wellness.  

If therapy has not worked for you in the past, give us a call.  We are dedicated to helping you create positive change in your life.  

Tatamy  &  Emmaus 

Walk & Talk

At RCG Counseling we take a holistic approach to therapy. We believe that the mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected.  In keeping with this philosophy, we offer our clients the opportunity to experience counseling in a more natural setting.  We have found that this approach to therapy creates new ideas and a sense of calmness.  Walk and talk combines the benefits of talk therapy with exercise for a rejuvenating therapy experience.