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Walk & Talk

At RCG Counseling we take a holistic approach to therapy. We believe that the mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected.  In keeping with this philosophy, we offer our clients the opportunity to experience counseling in a more natural setting.  We have found that this approach to therapy creates new ideas and a sense of calmness.  Walk and talk combines the benefits of talk therapy with exercise for a rejuvenating therapy experience.    

Pre-Commitment Counseling

Growing Family?
Moving in Together?
Changing Jobs?

Relationships take time, love, commitment, and trust.  Counseling is a great way to build strong relationships and develop healthy ways to cope with change as a couple.  Every relationship faces change in a unique way. Our pre-commitment counseling is designed to help couples recognize the strengths and needs of their relationship.  We inspire a confident, mature, and fulfilling unions between partners. 

Biofeedback Stress Relief

Just as you are able to control your body to wave hello to a friend or climb a flight of stairs, biofeedback helps you gain control of body functions normally controlled involuntarily by your nervous system.  Functions such as heart rate and breath respond to your environment. Connecting mind, body and spirit, biofeedback is a tool to help you learn to control your body’s functions.  With biofeedback you learn to have more control of these functions. Gaining more control of these functions allows you remain more grounded throughout life's daily stressors. 

Three finger prongs read your body's reaction to stress.  Through the guidance of the computer program, your counselor, and daily practice, you will learn to better control your body's reaction stress.  

Combining biofeedback with counseling, Carmen will guide you in connecting what you learn on the computer, with your unique daily life experiences.  

RCG Counseling is committed to providing a positive therapy experience.  We are able to provide a unique experience for each person we serve.  Because we are not dictated by insurance company regulations, we are able to provide therapy that is tailored for each individual person.  We do not see our clients as a diagnosis, but as unique individuals we can help on their journey to wellness.  

If therapy has not worked for you in the past, give us a call.  We are dedicated to helping you create positive change in your life.  

Stress Less

It is easy for teens and tweens to become overwhelmed with expectations, electronic distractions and pressure from friends, family and school.  Mindfulness gives teens and tweens the clarity to live their life in the moment, without judgment or fear. We offer a fun mindfulness training program for teens to learn a simple and healthy way to cope with these daily stressors. 

The training program combines skills training, counseling and biofeedback computer technology. Teens and tweens learn to become aware of the mind/body connection as an interactive approach shows them how to maintain control of their emotions and thoughts.

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