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Interested in having the biofeedback experience at home?  Stress Relief in the comfort of your home. 

Biofeedback Stress Relief was also featured in Lehigh Valley Style Magazine in their February 2014 issue.  

RCG Counseling was honored to be featured on PBS 39's television show FOCUS.  We discussed how our Biofeedback Stress Relief Program can help with stress reduction.  

Three finger prongs read your body's reaction to stress.  Through the guidance of the computer program, your counselor, and daily practice, you will learn to better control your body's reaction stress.  

Combining biofeedback with counseling, Carmen and Sheila will guide you in connecting what you learn on the computer, with your unique daily life experiences.  Call us today to schedule your free introduction to biofeedback.

Just as you are able to control your body to wave hello to a friend or climb a flight of stairs, biofeedback helps you gain control of body functions normally controlled involuntarily by your nervous system.  Functions such as heart rate and breath respond to your environment. Connecting mind, body and spirit, biofeedback is a tool to help you learn to control your body’s functions.  With biofeedback you learn to have more control of these functions. Gaining more control of these functions allows you remain more grounded throughout life's daily stressors. 

Would you like to gain the ability to . . .
  • see things in a positive light?
  • stay focused on your weigth loss goals or exercise plan?
  • make clear and concise decisions?
  • remain calm in adverse or uncomfortable sitiations?
  • fight off that winter cold from the inside?
  • stop daily habits ... smoking, nail biting, over eating?
  • feel more rested and energetic?
  • develop closer, more meaningful relationships?
  • have more patience with your children, spouse, or coworker?
  • have an overall sense of calm?

Biofeedback Stress Relief

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